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Piping at Weddings in VA, DC, MD

Your wedding is a special event, and including a bagpiper will help make it even more unique and memorable. Suggested options for performances include playing:

  • outside as guests arrive
  • a processional piping in the bridal party or bride
  • a musical interlude during communion
  • while lighting a unity candle or any other point
  • playing the bride and groom back down the aisle in a recessional
  • playing as guests depart
  • Playing the bride and groom into the reception
  • playing at the reception

We will collaborate to pick the best possible combination of these options, but it is recommended not to overdo it.

Too much bagpipes will turn guests off.   My mother always told me that Bagpipes are like red wine, too mch gives you a head ache. That is why it is best to have the piper suggest how long.

The most suitable music for weddings are upbeat, celebratory tunes. Stately Marches are an excellent choice for processions. Some of the most requested wedding tunes are:

  • Highland Cathedral
  • Scotland the Brave
  • Wearing of the Green
  • Mairis Wedding
  • Bonny Dundee.

Most of the time the piper will have a few sets to play either American, Irish or Scottish. 

It is good luck when it rains on your wedding day.

It is also good luck to have a Bagpiper preform at your wedding. 

Do you want to leave your luck up to a weather man?